Stuart Chapman; Investment Analyst at Serone Capital Management, speaks at Fitch's January 2018 Leveraged Loan & CLO Seminar

Summary of panel:

Demand for loans

Secondary trading of loans

Bid from CLOs

Issuance of loans

LBO volumes

CLO issuance; Europe and US

New issues, refinancing and resets

2018 anticipated investor demand

AAA dynamics

Pricing and structuring terms


The Fitch LPC European Leveraged Loan & CLO Seminar took place on the morning of Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at The Lansdowne Club, London.

It is the second annual breakfast gathering of market participants from leading sell-side and buy-side institutions.  The event panel discussion focused on; The changing contours of the leveraged loan market and How varying pools of capital drive dynamics in the leveraged credit market.

More information on the event can be found:

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